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Wenchin Chang

As a teenager, she was fascinated by martial arts through movies and TV shows. Bruce Lee is her all time favorite martial artist.

She began her training in True Power Martial Arts in December 1999. After one visit to the class, she realized this class could help her build self-confidence, discipline, and teach her a variety of martial arts techniques for self-defense.

When people ask her whether she could use what she learned in a real situation, her response is: "Yes, because I have trained. I will be able to apply what I learned to protect myself and others when needed".

Lou Costabile, the President of True Power made these comments regarding Wenchin: "Our system is aggressive and no women have received their Black Belt. A woman getting her Black Belt in our system would be the equivalent to a woman playing Major League Baseball. Women have joined, and some have, in my opinion, had the heart and strength to become Black Belts, but for one reason or another have not made it. The fact is most women would have to work 1 and 1/2 times harder than a man to get their Black Belt here. There are no short cuts or exceptions. In February of 2004, that changed as Wenchin earned her Black Belt. She is our Pioneer! She is the first woman since 1981 to get her Black Belt. That says a lot about her determination."

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