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There are four possible parts to a fight:
  • fighting on your feet
  • taking your opponent to the ground
  • ground fighting
  • using weapons

Most combat systems teach only one or two of these, but True Power teaches all "pieces of the pie".

Fighting on Your Feet

Footwork is of utmost importance when fighting on your feet. Make sure you move both feet together. You have to be able to move in and out and circle your opponent with ease.

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Take Downs

A take down moves your opponent from the standing position to the ground. There are dozens of these techniques, ranging from basic leg sweeps, to arm, body, and hip throws.

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Ground Fighting

Once your opponent is on the ground, control his body and work into a choke or arm bar to force him into submission.

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If the opponent uses a weapon, you will learn movements of the weapon so you will have the best chance to defend yourself.

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