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Lou Costabile

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Lou earned his 7th Degree Black Belt in May of 2010.

Lou became a Christian in 1992. His spiritual gifts are evangelism, encouragement, and faith.

He began his instructing career in 1981, and many of his students are now Black Belts themselves.

Lou joined martial arts in his late teens. He began training in a style that combined the most effective techniques from many fighting systems.

Students who participate in his classes greatly improve their self-image, fitness ability, stamina, and concentration.

Larry Bosley

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Larry earned his 1st Degree Black Belt in June of 2007.

When I started my weight loss program in 2000, I focused on the diet portion for the first year or so. Later I realized I needed to get some sort of fitness program going so I could maintain the momentum I had reached to keep the weight off. Luckily, True Power was conducting the “Defend Yourself: Can You?” seminar at my employer at that time, so I went to check it out. The “systems” approach to martial arts that True Power uses interested me enough that I signed up for the classes.

The physical requirements for the class were tough at first and I admit, I wanted to quit but, I figured that I would give it some time to see if it was for me. I’m convinced that the decision to stay was right for me because not only did the training get me into better shape; it also helped me to lose more weight.

The training, focus, and discipline provided by my True Power training helped me achieve success in my weight loss journey and in other aspects of my life.

Wenchin Chang

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Wenchin earned her 1st Degree Black Belt in February of 2004.

As a teenager, she was fascinated by martial arts through movies and TV shows. Bruce Lee is her all time favorite martial artist.

She began her training in True Power Martial Arts in December 1999. After one visit to the class, she realized this class could help her build self-confidence, discipline, and teach her a variety of martial arts techniques for self-defense.

Lou Costabile, the President of True Power made these comments regarding Wenchin: "Our system is aggressive and no women have received their Black Belt. A woman getting her Black Belt in our system would be the equivalent to a woman playing Major League Baseball. Women have joined, and some have, in my opinion, had the heart and strength to become Black Belts, but for one reason or another have not made it. The fact is most women would have to work 1 and 1/2 times harder than a man to get their Black Belt here. There are no short cuts or exceptions. In February of 2004, that changed as Wenchin earned her Black Belt. She is our Pioneer! She is the first woman since 1981 to get her Black Belt. That says a lot about her determination."

Jack Cross

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Jack earned his 2nd Degree Black Belt in June of 2022.

I started training martial arts in 2005 at the age of eight and have only become more involved as I've gotten older. Over the years, I have trained in wrestling, boxing, and more recently, brazilian jiu jitsu, but the constant has always been True Power Martial Arts. This system and discipline have allowed me to gain confidence and organization in my life, as well as the skills and mindset to be a leader through example and to be successful.

I enjoy every class I attend and teach and do my best to make sure that my students have fun as well and give 100%. This system has been a blessing in my life and I cannot imagine where I would be without it.

Carlos Jimenez III

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Carlos earned his 4th Degree Black Belt in February of 2010.

Carlos began studying Tae Kwon Do at age 10 and continued his training throughout high school. After graduation, he attended the University of Illinois and further expanded his knowledge of the martial arts by studying Shaolin Kung Fu Praying Mantis. He also spent some time studying Budo Aikijutsu and Judo.

In 1997, Carlos started in True Power Martial Arts and found it to be the most effective and complete representation of the martial arts (stand up, take down, ground and weapons). True Power Martial Arts helped Carlos align his spirit, mind and body as a martial artist. In addition, True Power Martial Arts helped Carlos drop 36 lbs.

Chris Olson

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Chris earned his 2nd Degree Black Belt in February 2018.

I started martial arts when I in elementary school but I stopped going around the age of 13, for the next 30 years I had a intentions of returning. When my son was starting to become old enough to try, we tried other systems, but found that business aspects sometimes overtake the experience. When I found True Power, I found martial arts that are put into practice, not only in the gym but in life.

The Christian Life requires discipline of mind, body and spirit. Martial arts help harden the will and shape everyone in excellence and humility.

At age 45 I reached a personal goal of Black belt, and have the greater experience of working out with my son, who as excelled in areas you cannot get in other sports, not to mention the skills he will take with him for the rest of his life.

Troy Scavella

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Troy earned his 1st Degree Black Belt in September of 2021.

As a child I always enjoyed Martial Arts movies that starred Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and other Martial Arts actors. I did try a few Karate classes in my youth but did not continue and it was always something that I regretted walking away from. As an adult I suffered several debilitating back injuries and realized that I could not play some of the sports that I loved like basketball due to a bulging disc in my back. I thought my Window passed for me to start a physically challenging discipline like Martial Arts. But I decided to bring my son to True Power Martial Arts and did not realize at the time that I was on my way to healing not only my body, but also my spirit and mind.

Becoming a Black Belt was a three-year journey that my children witnessed. It has been challenging, not knowing if I would be able to perform certain moves and combinations based on how I was feeling. However, the stretching and forms helped my back muscles relax and I was able to execute the moves and combinations. I was able to give 100% and have fun. It doesn’t seem like the journey has been three-years, but I still have a lot to learn and look forward to helping others.

Shivram Swaminathan

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Shivram earned his 1st Degree Black Belt in June of 2006.

Growing up in India, I was enamored by Martial arts along with my brother. However at age 12 years we were rejected admittance into the class since we were too old. Fast forward to when I was 25 years old I had moved to Chicago and wide eyed I went into the martial arts class in Motorola. I watched Carlos and Rob Rawlins spar each other. I never ever expected to be a part of this system but I somehow got the courage to just join. Initially Diego Flores a very accomplished martial artist was the instructor. Then one day in 2000 Lou walked into our class and said he was taking over. I was thrilled from day one. His first class was unforgettable, the way he established his authority. Lou was loud, in your face and awesome as an instructor. He actually showed us how to throw kicks and punches with 100% power. I would look so much forward to the classes since Lou is a cornucopia of knowledge on everything under the sun. I learnt as much as he taught and not just in martial arts. As Lou keeps saying, from a rather timid person, I grew to be a very soft person with a tiger waiting to be unleashed inside!

Along with martial arts, my interest in spiritual life grew. Lou not only is instrumental in my martial arts but also in my spiritual life. I learnt about the Bible, God and Jesus Christ from Lou. In addition I will remain eternally grateful to Lou and his wife Donna for praying for me in my darkest days. I chose the Hare Krishna path with much gratitude to Lou and Jesus Christ.

I wish to also mention specifically another instructor in Motorola, Tom Harding, who relentlessly instructed me so as to get my kicks and punching to be good. Also I remain grateful to Carlos Jimenez (the smiling assassin) and Rob Rawlins (pocket rocket), for taking me under their wing and helping me achieve a first degree black belt.

When people hear about me as a martial arts instructor they invariably do a double take. No one who sees me thinks I have achieved a first degree black belt. My kicks change their mind! Due to a back injury I was out of martial arts for a quite a few years. I sometimes would pop in to Westchester just to hear Lou and get encouraged. Lou also very kindly would personally call me and stayed in touch.

A couple of years back My dear wife Sweta encouraged me to take up martial arts again and also for teaching martial arts to kids in the community. I teach in my basement in Palatine. I remember Lou and my other instructors and friends fondly when teaching. After all whatever I am teaching is what I have learnt from them. Carlos has been very kind and drops in from time to time to support me. Carlos, Larry and Troy support my students when they come to Westchester. These guys are the best. I don't know all the other systems but it does not matter. I know I have stumbled onto something great and I am thankful to Lou and all others ( Tom Harding, Carlos Jimenez, Rob Rawlins, Hari Rao, Kris Rande, Wenchin Chang, James Demetrios, Gary Sittler, Josh Duncan, and many others).

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