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Tim Sommer

I am a former United States Marine. After my enlistment period was over I still kept in good shape. I lifted weights for a few years along with pumping my body full of bodybuilding supplements. I looked good and had great strength but it didn't do much for my confidence. Furthermore, it was very boring lifting weights up and down.

After the 99 New Year rang in I still wanted to stay in great shape but I couldn't deal with lifting weights four times a week anymore. Since I was young I have always wanted to be a martial artist, so I thought if I didn't do it now it was probably never going to happen. I was very fortunate to be able to find this martial arts system first without having to waste too much time and money. I decided to try this system even though it was a hour drive for me.

I learned quickly from the first class that size doesn't matter and power is the real deal. This wasn't something out of the instructor's mouth either. I witnessed guys half my size generating awesome power with their hands and feet. That's all it took to convince me that this is what I should be doing. This school is more physically and mentally challenging to me then any training I can remember in the Marine Corps. To make a long story short, it is now a year later and I am still sacrificing four hours of extra road time per week just to be a part of this system.

I was looking to cut my commute time a few months ago so I experimented with a couple of other schools that claimed to be tough. I got frustrated after visiting and participating in a few schools and came right back. I have remained here because I truly feel that this system has to be one of the best. This is real contact, real fighting and just plain "tough". My goal in this system is to achieve black belt so I can become an instructor myself.

If you want true martial arts, come to a session and see for yourself. If you want the easy way out go sign up for cardio-kickboxing and be fooled into thinking you are actually going to defend yourself or your family by punching and kicking air. I haven't read anything in the newspaper lately about oxygen beating somebody to death in a dark alley.

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