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Courtney & Chris' Family

Both my husband and I were born and raised in the city. We moved to the suburbs just prior to the birth of our son in 1990. We've one boy and one girl. He's the oldest.

My husband and I had numerous discussions about the children's physical fitness and assertiveness. They'd been involved in "Gym and Swim" since Chris was 1 year old and Courtney was 6 months old.

Our daughter proved to be the natural athlete, swimming circles around all of the other children in her class. Chris took quite a while just to cooperate and learn to swim. Once he did, he still lagged. My husband kept saying he was soft for a boy. We both said he was a typical suburbanite. I really feel the boys in the city would "eat him up". That's when I decided to sign our children up for True Power Martial Arts at the Park District.

The benefit of having signed up is that our son focused and toughened up. It took him two years, but he arrived.

I don't know if we wanted this, but our daughter excelled in this too and became even tougher than she already was (for a girl). She can stand her ground with any of the boys in her age group and beyond. It's been money well-spent.

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