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Todro Family

In a world where more and more children are out of shape, mesmerized by the TV or videogames and have become "couch potatoes", there is an alternative: True Power Martial Arts. All three of our kids attend the classes -- the two older ones have been going for years, and the youngest is just finishing his first year.

Can your child do 300 jumping jacks or 30 sit-ups in a row and not be winded? Ours can. Just as important, if the neighborhood bully (and all neighborhoods have them) picked on your kid, would he be able to defend himself? They are taught, "the best fight is NO fight", but they can defend themselves if need be. Confidence, stamina, coordination, fitness, and self-defense all rolled into one. What more can you ask for?

Tom and I have been married for 17 years -- our children are Amanda, 14 years old, Nicholas, 11 years old, and Douglas, 6 years old. Tom was in kickboxing years ago and wanted the kids to develop a useful skill while getting exercise -- I strongly agreed with this thinking, so we signed them up several years ago and have not regretted spending the money all these years. They are in great physical shape and have developed an increase in confidence and mental toughness that can't be developed by watching TV or playing videogames.

It is a tough class, but well worth this time and effort. Give it a try for a few months and see your child become more confident and improve his physical health a hundredfold!

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