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Jackie Fish

Being a single professional woman I think I can relate wholeheartedly to the challenges that women today face. We live in a scary world. You hear about gang rapes and date rapes and there are numerous talk shows on everyday that focus on women in society and how they often fall victim to violent crimes. From an early age women are taught that it's the man's "job" to protect them, but what do you do when "the man" isn't there?

Martial arts has long since been an interest to me. I had friends that were in the martial arts and I used to go and watch them go through their belt promotions thinking how trained and disciplined they were, not ever realizing what a tremendous advantage they had. My true interest and career in the martial arts began after I became a victim. It was at that point I had the courage, drive and realization I needed to learn to defend myself.

I began like many people have, with the cardio-kickboxing fad. I thought Hey why not get a great workout and learn how to defend myself? It wasn't long after that I found out that cardio-kickboxing wasn't teaching me anything about self-defense. Many of their moves were done incorrectly and without the focus needed to feel confident when defending yourself. That was when I began taking Tae Kwon Do. I studied for 1 and a half years and being that this was a much more structured form of martial arts I felt more confident in my skills.

In September of 1999 I joined True Power Martial Arts. Not sure what to expect going in, I went in with the attitude of "What are they really going to be able to teach me here?" The best word I could use to describe my feelings after the first class was that I was amazed at the skills this system possessed. It wasn't just a physical thing; it was mental and spiritual as well. Something that the Tae Kwon Do classes I was taking desperately lacked. True Power Martial Arts challenged me on all three of these levels; physical, mental and spiritual. True Power took the underdeveloped skills I had and expanded them into skills that I can feel confident with when confronted with a challenge.

There are many things to consider when searching for the right marital arts school, and True Power Martial Arts isn't for everyone. True Power is for the people who are serious about taking themselves to a higher level physically, mentally and spiritually. It's for the people who believe in giving their all and believe in developing stronger relationships with themselves and others. I have seen tremendous strides develop as far as my level of focus is concerned, focus that not only improves my skills in martial arts, but in everyday life. If you're serious about martial arts and want to learn to develop yourself on higher levels, then True Power Martial Arts is what you're looking for!

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