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Collin Dent

I joined martial arts two years ago (age 7) to learn to defend myself because I was scared and small for my age.

It was tough at first, then I learned discipline and became stronger and smarter in body, mind, and soul.

Today I am in 3rd grade and I am nine years of age. I have worked hard to achieve a High Blue belt. Every time I was promoted to the next level belt, I felt good about the hard work it took to get there. I look forward to the next level I have set as my goal and I know it will be a lot hard work.

Every time I go to class I learn something new. The classes are never boring.

I play soccer, floor hockey, basketball, and baseball. I have improved in my running, kicking and throwing because of True Power Martial Arts.

I suggest everyone should come and try True Power Martial Arts for themselves to improve everything they do in their life. It will improve your concentration and discipline.

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