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Hari Rao

If you're reading this testimonial, then you obviously have more than just a passing interest in martial arts. And if you're still trying to find the right instructor and the right style, you owe it to yourself to try True Power Martial Arts. This is coming from someone who has more that 5 years of experience in the arts of Karate and Tae Kwon Do. So why am I so enthusiastic about True Power?

Let me back off a little bit here and get back to the basics. What's your goal with respect to joining a martial arts club? I know what mine was when I first started (back in India). It was mainly to gain confidence and learn techniques which could help me in a "real" fighting situation if I ever got into one. I had the good fortune of having a phenomenal instructor right from my first days. If I had to name one quality of his which kept me going for those 5 years, it would have to be his passion for the art. He inspired me... made me want to give more than a 100% in every class... not to impress him, but for me! We strove for excellence. I would walk out of EVERY class with confidence and a feeling of achievement! I was on the verge of my black belt, when I came to the U.S. to pursue my Master's in Electronic Engineering.

Fast forward 5 years. I've tried at least 5-6 different martial art schools and always walked out of those classes feeling that I could be more inspired walking on a treadmill! That changed when I tried the True Power system. The instructors had an intensity and zeal about them which is almost contagious! I have also noticed that many of the techniques practiced in True Power, have been formed by taking the best from other fighting styles. Besides, it's a "living" style, which adapts itself when something better comes along. I believe that makes True Power unique. This, along with the fact that I feel very motivated during the class, makes me believe that this has to be one of the best martial arts groups to work with.

So in essence, if you are interested in martial arts, check out a few classes (including True Power). Maybe you will find some other classes which satisfy your needs... I didn't. But I honestly believe that if you are motivated and interested in something other than an exercise class, you will find True Power classes to be a truly refreshing experience.

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