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Kris Rande

I got my first taste of the martial arts nearly 15 years ago in Detroit when I signed up for a Judo class at a local YMCA. From the very beginning I was hooked, and I spent the next 6 years mastering foot sweeps, throws, chokes, and pinning techniques. I enjoyed developing my strength, speed, coordination, and balance. The feeling I got from working on a move until it became automatic -- part of me -- was more satisfying that anything else I'd done.

During these years there was always an important question lurking in the back of my mind, though. What would I do against an attacker who was skilled at striking blows with his hands or feet? And what would I do against a street thug with a knife? My training worked well within the rules of a Judo match, but it had done little to prepare me for situations like these.

Fortunately, my Judo training was interrupted by a job change which ultimately lead me to move to the Chicago area and introduced me to True Power Martial Arts. For the second time in my life I was hooked.

What immediately impressed me about True Power was that it was not just another inflexible set of traditional techniques, but more of a "fighting philosophy" with a focus on using what really works. With hand techniques taken from Boxing, kicks inspired by Tae Kwon Do, and grappling techniques drawn from Judo and Jujitsu, True Power is the best of the ancient martial arts and modern combat sports all wrapped up in one.

If you're a martial arts enthusiast like me, you'll find that True Power Martial Arts will turn you into a well-rounded and versatile fighter. Come check us out -- you won't be disappointed.

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