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True Power Martial Arts presents an
8 week "
Crash Course " in SELF DEFENSE

Are you tired of wondering if you will be the next victim walking back to your car in the parking lot?

Are you noticing in the 10 pm news more and more people are becoming victims?

Do you really feel safe jogging in your own neighborhood?

Can you defend yourself?

Do something to avoid becoming a victim!

We have designed a seminar specifically to enhance your chances of not becoming a victim. The seminar combines the most effective aspects of several Martial Arts systems into a superior form of personal combat in a short time period.

No martial arts uniforms, just effective movements to eliminate an attacker.

This class meets once a week and will cover 4 areas of possible attack situations. You will learn to defend yourself if:

  • a confrontation happens and you're standing on your feet
  • the attacker takes you down, or you need to take the attacker down
  • you are on the ground and the attacker is attacking you
  • the attacker has a weapon

Here are the statistics:

Approximately thirteen million people (5% of the U.S. population) are victims of crime every year. One and one half million are victims of violent crime.

Learn how to avoid a crisis situation, and how to defend yourself if you are in one. This can mean the difference between life and death.

If you are interested in scheduling an 8 Week Crash Course in Self Defense for your group, please call 630-673-0780 or contact us by email to discuss available times and locations.

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