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Here are the instructions to receive a monthly password, or to re-register for a password.

First time students must:

  1. Fill out a waiver form with an original signature that releases True Power Martial Arts, Inc. from responsibility for any injury that occurs while watching or participating in this broadcast. The waiver form is available here.

  2. Get a physical. Then send a signed doctors note stating that you are in good health and able to participate in this class.

  3. Send a check or money order made payable to True Power Martial Arts, Inc. for $150 US dollars.

Send all 3 items to:

True Power Martial Arts, Inc.
126 Schmidt Drive
Hampshire, Illinois 60140

Once all 3 items are received and complete, you will receive an email with your monthly password. You will receive a different monthly password each month for the next 2 months. (Passwords are distributed by email at the beginning of the month).

Note: Re-registration will only require:

  1. a check or money order for $150 US dollars
  2. notice of any change in your name, address, home phone number, work phone number, or email address

Upon receipt of your check you will receive a monthly password, then a different password each month for the next 2 months.

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